Semantic Merge

Semantic Merge

The Semantic Merge tool is a language-dependent source code merge tool provided by Codice Software. It can make a huge number of merge scenarios really easy – particularly ones that can’t be managed by current text-based, language-agnostic, merge tools.

Since it is language-dependent, there will be different releases of Semantic Merge specific for different programming languages.

We have started with C# and Visual Basic, with Java joining soon and C++ to follow. Further languages will be chosen based on user feedback: JavaScript, Objective-C, Ruby? It’s your call. 🙂

Our Semantic Merge tool leverages the current merge technology of the merge tool included in Plastic SCM – which is already capable of dealing with refactors through Xmerge – and also the merge system of the Plastic SCM server itself, and combines them together with language-dependent parsing to create the ultimate source code merging machine.

Semantic Merge is not limited to Plastic SCM and can be configured to work with Git, Subversion, Perforce, ClearCase, Team Foundation Server, Mercurial, and many others.

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