Software Overview

Software Licensed Products

Innovation Matters is certified to resell a number of software development product licenses. Click on the links below to read more about the products we support.

Software Products

CompanyProduct FamilyProduct
IBM RationalAllIBM Showcase
IBM RationalJazzRational Team Concert
IBM RationalJazzRational DOORS Next Generation
IBM RationalJazzRational Quality Manager
IBM RationalSoftware Configuration ManagementRational ClearCase
IBM RationalSoftware Configuration ManagementRational Synergy
IBM RationalIssue TrackingRational ClearQuest
IBM RationalIssue TrackingRational Change
IBM RationalRequirementsRational DOORS
Codice SoftwareSoftware Configuration ManagementPlastic SCM
Codice SoftwareSoftware Configuration ManagementSemanticMerge


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