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What is PlasticSCM

Plastic SCM is a distributed version control system engineered for companies who require extensive branching and merging, distributed (multi-site/global) scenarios, and/or high performance. Plastic SCM is the best Distributed Version Control supporting task-driven software development for teams of any size because it simplifies branching and merging.

It works the way you want!

  • Fully distributed or centralized repos
  • Branching and merging made simple
  • Powerful GUI or straight command line
  • Reliable & scalable repo storage with the RDBMS of your choice

Who is it for

Plastic SCM is for developers who love the freedom of simple, distributed branching and merging. It’s for management personnel who need to lead distributed teams and understand the status of the project. It’s for release builders who need to create stable releases.

Plastic SCM is the only version control system that can meet the demands of globally distributed development. It easily scales within any sophisticated development environment, without friction or complexity. It’s SCM made simple

What makes PlasticSCM different

Three key aspects of Plastic SCM’s architecture make it superior to other systems:

Codice Software is a privately held engineering company, focused on the design and development of SCM solutions. Codice’s mission is to provide a high-end SCM product, implementing all the features of the top configuration management suites, and to make it affordable to every software company around the globe. Our product Plastic SCM is the only commercial Enterprise Distributed Version Control System (DVCS) in the market place.

Why Partner with Codice Software?

Innovation Matters focuses on change and configuration management/SCM and associated tools, including support for the ALM space. We represent clients who which to adopt a distributed SCM process and associated tooling for their development teams. In many cases, our clients start with open-source Git and Mercurial to enter the world of DVCS, but are looking to replace their open-source tooling with vendor back enterprise solutions.

Codice Software brings an enterprise solution to the world of DVCS, which is why Innovation Matters has chosen to partner with Codice Software. We represent Codice Software in the Americas.



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